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UltraCalming Kit


  • $ 40.00

This kit for sensitized skin contains products to help relieve itching, redness, and reactive skin flare-ups associated with sensitive and sensitized skin.<br.
Ultra calming Kit Includes:
  • UltraCalming Cleanser: Gentle cleansing cream (1.7 oz.)
  • UltraCalming Mist: Soothing, cooling spritz (1.7 oz.)
  • UltraCalming Serum Concentrate: Sensitized skin antidote (0.3 oz.)
  • Barrier Repair: Shielding, protective moisturizer (0.3 oz.)

How to use: 

UltraCalming Cleanser: Following the application of PreCleanse, apply to the face and throat, gently massaging with fingertips with light, upward strokes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or remove with dry cotton pads. Follow with Soothing Protection Spray and Barrier Repair.

UltraCalming Mist: After cleansing, spray over face, neck and chest with eyes closed. For added benefits, press into skin. May also be sprayed onto fingertips or dampened cotton pad and applied to the skin with light, upward strokes. Follow with UltraCalming Serum Concentrate.

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate: After cleansing and spraying with Ultra Calming Mist, apply a generous amount to face, neck and chest with light, upward strokes. Use twice daily, morning and night. For additional moisturization, follow application with Barrier Repair or recommended Dermalogica Moisturizer.

UltraCalming Barrier Repair: Apply a small amount evenly over face and throat with light, upward strokes. Best used following Ultra Calming Mist and Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate. Use twice daily, morning and night.

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