TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out - Hair Cosmopolitan

TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out


  • $ 21.95

  • GOLDEN ILLUMINATING SHINE CREAM This high shine golden cream will blow your mind. Fight fly aways and get super shiny glossy hair - the perfect party companion for a big night out.
    • Tame flyaways, combat frizz and help smooth out signs of damage
    • For super shiny glossy hair
    • Brings golden shine and glitter to hair
  • Benefits: Frizz , Shine, Texture
  • How to use: “The thing I love about Blow Out is the added mica that gives a super high level of shine. The product being golden really enriches the color of brunettes and redheads, and as it’s slightly lighter, it works wonderfully on all hair textures.” Thomas Osborn, TIGI US Education Director Use 2 pumps on either wet or dry hair. Cocktail with other stylers to take your style to another dimension.
  • Ingredients: 
    • Conditioning silicones: Smooths the hair surface
    • Shine-boosting phenyltrimethicone: High refractive index to help boost hair's natural shine
    • Gold dust: Not real gold dust (gold mica) but precious enough to enhance shine!

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