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Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray

Jane Iredale

  • $ 36.00

  • Balance Hydration Spray 
    • A hydration spritz formulated specifically to help balance skin’s oil
    • production and pH.
    • Orange Essential Oil, Orange Peel Extract, Grapefruit Peel Extract and Algae Extract calm and feed the skin.
    • The added bonus to Balance is Green Tea Extract. Studies have shown that Green Tea Extract at 3% is measurably beneficial for acne-prone skin, and that’s the exact percentage we’ve used.  
  • Skin TypeCombination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
  • ConcernsDryness
  • Fomulation: Spray
    • key ingredients:
      • Orange Essential Oil & Orange Peel Extract: Calms.

      • Grapefruit Peel Extract: Provides bacterial protection.

      • Green Tea Leaf Extract: Provides bacterial protection,Calms,Protects with antioxidants.

    • Hydration Spray
      All options are wheat-free.
      All options are vegan.
    • How to useLightly mist your face from about an arm's length away. Spritz the face whenever the skin feels dry or when exposed to drying atmosphere, such as on an airplane. Use to set minerals and help to conceal pores and fine lines. Use to moisturize oily skin; for dehydrated skin, use after moisturizer and after makeup. Spritz brushes to intensify eye shadows and use them as eyeliners. Mist in your hair to control static!

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