• $ 48.00

Details: Weightlessly Hydrate and Define. A Limited Edition Holiday Set. Cleanser, Conditioner, Treatment & Styler.
  • Low-Poo® Delight 12oz: This is a mild lather cleanser for weightless waves, bringing out your natural beauty.
  • One Condition™ Delight 12oz: This is a conditioner for weightless waves, giving you the perfect amount of hydration.
  • Buildup Buster® 1.5oz: This powerful cleanser uses micellar technology to gently remove buildup from the hair and scalp without stripping.
  • Wave Maker™ 1.5oz: This light and airy whip, made with moringa seed and passion flower extracts, gives consistent waves and frizz control every time you use it.
  • Ultra Defining Gel 3oz: This strong-hold styler surrounds your curls with a non-sticky, protective curl cast that sends frizz packing and defines your curl shape.
    How to use: 
    • Wet your waves in the shower. Apply cleanser to your scalp and massage with your fingertips. As you begin to rinse, allow the water to help move the Low-Poo through the ends.
    • Make sure to rinse thoroughly by massaging your scalp again as the water runs over your waves. Follow with One Condition Delight.
    • Smooth a nickel-sized amount of Wave Maker onto wet or damp waves. Scrunch waves all over with a DevaTowel then air dry or use the DevaFuser.
    • For hold, apply Ultra Defining Gel evenly, tilt head forward and scrunch upward for defined curls. Once applied and scrunched, it’s better not to touch or play with your hair to allow the curl cast to form while drying.
    • For added volume, dry with the DevaFuser. Once dry, shake at the root and gently scrunch upward to soften the firm cast to reveal bouncy, soft, crunch-free curls.
    • Once dry, tousle roots with fingers for extra volume.

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